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Nov 2022
Smoked Turkey pricing and guidelines.

 We offer two options for smoked turkeys all holiday season.

Option 1 - BYOBird:

Must have thawed bird in our hands 48 hrs in advance.

Frozen drop off must be  at least 5 days in advance.

Prices include all brines, rubs, seasonings, ingredients and supplies.  We brine for up to 24 hours and smoke up to 8 hours depending on the size of the turkey.

Birds up to 10 lbs - $30 + sales tax

Birds 11- 18 lbs - $40 + sales tax

Birds 18+ lbs - $50 + sales tax


Option 2 - Buy a bird from us:

Orders must be at least a week in advance.

Pricing is as above, plus our cost for the turkey.

We will source a bird as close to the target weight as possible but do not guarantee exact weights.