Craft BBQ Sides

$17 per Quart.  Feeds 6-8 ea.


​Bacon Mac N' Cheese
BBQ Beans
Cole Slaw
Side salad
Salt Potatoes

Potato Salad

Craft BBQ Ribs

Spare ribs, FULL SIZE RACKS not St. Louis.

$37 per rack

We cater events throughout Delta County as well as Olathe, Montrose and surrounding communities.

Please contact us by phone at 970-765-7858 or email from the form at bottom left, to inquire about your event.


We'll need some information about your event to provide an estimate and/or quote. Please consider these questions:

How many people will be attending?  This helps us recommend quantities.  (generally 3-4 people per # of meat)

What meat and/or meats do you want?

Do you need any vegetarian options? 

Yes, we have awesome vegetarian options.

What sides?  A mix of a couple different options helps them stretch farther. 
Also let us know if vegetarian sides are needed.

Any breads/rolls?  Slider buns/rolls work well when folks want to sample a little of everything and are our go-to recommendation.  Toast is also available.

Will you be picking it up or are we delivering and/or serving?

If picking up, will you require chafing dishes for hot/cold holding of food?  We generally loan these at no charge.

If we're delivering, how far from Delta? Delivery outside of town is charged by distance.

If we're also serving, we'll need at least 4 weeks prior notice to book.

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Craft BBQ Meats

Feeds 3-4 people per lb.

                                  1/2 lb. Full lb.

Pulled Pork            $10.00      $17.00
Brisket                       $13.00     $22.00
Pork Belly                 $11.00     $20.00
Pulled chicken        $10.00     $17.00
Smoked Sausage   $10.00     $17.00